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    Your access to world class education.
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    Escribir. Training the world's leading professionals.
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    The aim of Escribir is to provide ultimate support for the effective implementation to improve the quality of Professional Accounting education.

    Our aim is to establish Escribir, a leading National College of Accountancy Finance to produce Business and Thought leaders for all industries.

    Flexible timings, ample study leaves, Participatory Learning Action, Economical Fee Structure, individualized attention, Expert Instructors, Exam-focused preparation, State-of-the-art learning methods Industry Placements.

    Escribir College imparts quality education, harnesses potential and equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a Growth-oriented career in the Global Financial Sector.

    Escribir uses global teaching standards to encourage critical thinking, developing Business and Finance acumen and to broaden the horizon of students as they prepare to take on the business world. Offering CA (Pakistan), ACCA, ICAEW, CIA CMA (USA); Escribir is a gold-rated ACCA ALP that provides quality education at affordable costs.

    Escribir is a gold-rated ACCA ALP that provides quality education at affordable costs.
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    Escribir is accredited with the National and International Educational boards to ensure that our education standards are at par with the International benchmark and industry requirements. We are affiliated with ACCA (U.K), CIMA (U.K), ICAP, ICAEW, CIMA, CIA (U.S), EDEXCEL and HEC.

    Unable to Go Abroad For Higher Education?

    Don't worry Escribir is always with you, you can study these international qualifications with your homeland studies and build your knowledge good enough.

    The Chicago Lighthouse is a world-renowned social service organization serving the blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veteran communities with comprehensive vision care and support services.

    About Us

    A Public Art Display Celebrating Access and Inclusion for People with Disabilities and featuring more than 50 six-foot lighthouse sculptures created by national and local artists, many with disabilities, along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile®.

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    A social enterprise, providing continuous employment to people who are legally blind through the production of high-quality brand name consumer products. This year, we launched a line of fashion clocks.

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    Our unique preschool program offers a blended learning environment where children with and without visual impairments learn in a common setting instilling sensitivity and respect for diversity from a young age.

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    A Community of Care

    With 110 years of experience serving patients with vision loss, The Chicago Lighthouse understands what it takes to respond to your needs with expertise and compassion. Whether you are a parent raising a child who is blind, a Veteran re-entering the workforce or an older adult seeking a community of peers, we offer customized care to improve the quality of life for you and your family.

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    Learn More
    Learn More

    Shop a full line of assistive technology and independent living aids from the Tools for Living™ online and retail store.

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    Help make a difference in the lives of the 67,000+ people we serve each year.

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    Fundraising - October 2nd, 2018

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    Jul 03

    Programming - July 3rd, 2018

    In my previous post I briefly covered some lessons I'd learned while building a (kind of real) web app in Elixir. Today, I'd like to take an in-depth look at composable queries in . First, a brief introduction to Ecto.

    What is Ecto?

    I think of Ecto as a light-weight ORM. Ecto uses Elixir structs to represent database tables and provides a DSL for building and executing database queries. Because I'm boring, we're going to use the ages-old "post has many comments" example to demonstrate Ecto's capabilities. We'll assume we have the following models.

    Querying with Ecto

    Ecto provides two styles of querying syntax: keyword query syntax and query expressions. Note that in both query styles, the construction of the query is a distinct and separate process from the execution on the query. In each style, a constructed query is passed to the application's to be executed.

    Keyword Query Syntax

    Keyword query syntax closely mirrors SQL and feels a lot like LINQ. I'll demonstrate using some example queries.

    Select all posts

    Select all published posts

    Select all comments for post 1

    Query Expressions

    Query expressions follow the pipeline concept often seen in Elixir APIs. It is important to note that these queries all start with the model module (e.g. ). The model itself is a queryable object that represents all items in the given table. Here are the same examples using query expressions.

    Select all posts

    Select all published posts

    Select all comments for post 1

    Query Composition

    It is easy to see how queries built in the query expression style can be composed - you simply add new constraints to your pipeline. It is not immediately obvious how to compose queries built with the keyword query syntax nor how to compose queries of differing types.

    First, we must understand an important feature of the keyword query syntax. In the clause, the token after the can be any queryable object other queries are queryable! Here's an example.

    Knowing this, we can now mix and match query syntax types.

    Putting It All Together

    Now, let's add some functions to our Ecto models with nice, descriptive names.

    I've used both styles of querying to show their interchangability when it comes to composition. Now, let's use our functions to build some queries. Normally, I'd do this type of composition in my Phoenix controllers.

    Wrap Up

    I hope this gives you an idea of the power and flexibility Ecto provides for extracting reusable query components and composing them to build more complex queries. I've found these techniques reduce duplication and complexity while aiding testing.


    You can find a talk I gave on this subject at ElixirConf 2015 .

    software is fun

    Watch your tone! There’s a reason this is uttered during an escalated debate. Your tone provides a certain connection with the receiver. The same applies to your brand’s tone.

    Have you ever had an argument over text message? If so, I bet you were frantically typing trying to get your point across to the nitwit on the other end.

    You probably even used an emoji or two.

    I bet the argument escalated when you used ALL CAPS, right?

    Well, just like in the physical world, your voice enhances or reinforcesyour message.

    It’s natural to think any suggestions about adjusting your tone is negative. It’s actually a tactic people use to positively convey a message. You don’t need a Ph.D. in psychiatry, a notepad and pen to use this tactic effectively. As a marketer, you can use your brand’s tone to build a better rapportwith your audience.

    Here’swhy it matters…

    It Makes You Human

    There are many advantages to being human. But there are more advantages to your business if you sound like one. People want to speak and do business with other people.

    This allows for a deeper emotional connection during the transaction that is more comforting. Simply put, this connection is the difference between a sale for you or one for your competitors.

    In B2B, there are costs and priorities to consider when choosing a business partner. At the end of the day, however, transactions will be conducted with firms clients feel good about.

    The same values seen in B2C transactions, such as authenticity and openness, are apparent in B2B transactions. Buyers of all types are looking for the emotional truth behind a transaction, not just the rational benefits.

    Well, you know, I was a human being before I became a businessman. -George Soros

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    A great way to cut through the clutter of communicating with your audience is to establish a unique tone of voice. A voice that your audience will immediately recognize and associate with your brand without even seeing your logo.

    Eat24 does a nice job of bringing two iconic voices together to promote its brand. The smooth rhythmic tone of Snoop Dogg and the raspy voice of Gilbert Gottfried’s quickly grab the viewer’s attention. It’s almost like a sweet and sour one-two punch that makes the commercial so special.

    Now that’s how you cut through.

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